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Let’s Get Social at the 2016 Annual Conference & Expo!

Attending the SLA Annual Conference in Philadelphia? Interested in some great social opportunities? Here are a few of the many after-hours events planned.


Dine Arounds

5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter, these informal pay-your-own-way dinners are a great way to meet new people. Head here for details and registration.


LMD’s 40th Anniversary Party

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Join LMD for food, drinks and fun at Time Restaurant. $20 gets you dinner and 2 drinks. Head here for details and registration.

Karaoke Party

9 p.m. to Midnight

Sing your heart out, or just come to marvel at SLA’s musical talent.


East Coast Chapter Reception

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This event is co-sponsored by SLA NY. It will be held at Field House (1150 Filbert Street) and we hope to see you there!

IT Dance Party

9 p.m. to Midnight

Also co-sponsored by SLA NY. Come dance the night away at this unmissable event.


Dine Arounds

6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter, these informal pay-your-own-way dinners will be a great way to close out the conference and say goodbye to all the new people you’ve met. Head here for details and registration.

There are many other great social events planned for SLA 2016; this list is just a quick preview! Check out the full conference schedule here.


SLA Boston from Afar

By Madalyn Baron

Boston 2015

In my short time as an information professional, conferences and other professional development events have played a major role in the evolution of my career. As a recent MLS graduate, SLA Annual 2013 in San Diego truly welcomed me to the profession. The experience gave me confidence and convinced me to remain active in SLA and become more involved in professional groups such as METRO and my college alumni association. SLA 2014 in Vancouver enhanced my earlier experiences by allowing me to integrate what I learned directly into my specific job responsibilities. SLA NY’s conference in 2014 and METRO’s this past January facilitated improvements in my social media efforts on the job and improved the visuals in my deliverables. I was introduced to people with similar niche interests, who I would later collaborate with for brainstorming, problem solving, and presentations.

This year I was unable to attend SLA in Boston, yet I was pleasantly surprised at the number of valuable takeaways that I benefitted from at a distance. Continue reading


How strong local chapters benefit individuals, the chapters, and the entire organization

By Sheryl Ramer Gesoff

“Some of my best friends are members of the Special Libraries Association. @SLAhq @RockyMtnSLA @SLANewEngland

–Maria Hugger (@shinydoom) on Twitter, identifying her friends in the local chapters, as well as the organization


This tweet makes sense, intuitively. Professional and personal relationships are formed at lunches, happy hours, book clubs, and board meetings organized by local chapters. These encounters happen repeatedly and naturally, and strangers turn into acquaintances, friends, and even co-workers.

What roles do local chapters play? Continue reading


A busy week for SLA NY

By Helen Sobolik

This past week SLA New York hosted Dee Magnoni, Candidate for 2016 President-Elect.

On Monday July 21st, Dee enjoyed site visits at Baruch College and METRO followed by a dinner with representatives of the Chapter Executive and Advisory Boards and general membership at Hudson Eats in Downtown Manhattan.

Downtown Dinner. From left: Marcy Winkler, Emma Davidson, Dee Magnoni, Daniel Barron, Helen Sobolik, Eileen Rourke, Steven Essig, Sheryl Ramer Gesoff, Rita Ormsby, Tom Nielsen, Nick Collison, and Dorothy Nelson-Gille

Downtown Dinner. From left: Marcy Winkler, Emma Davidson, Dee Magnoni, Daniel Barron, Helen Sobolik, Eileen Rourke, Steven Essig, Sheryl Ramer Gesoff, Rita Ormsby, Tom Nielsen, Nick Collison, and Dorothy Nelson-Gille

Thursday July 23, Dee joined the Chapter for The Future is Now: A Community Conversation on Value-Added Communication, Continue reading


The Colleague Connection Committee Takes a New Approach

By Emily Drew and Eric Dillalogue


SLA NY’s Chapter President Marcy Winkler wrote in the previous issue of B2E that one of her goals for this year “is to create an environment where all SLA NY members are open to learning from each other.” The SLA NY Colleague Connection Committee (formerly The Mentorship Committee) – consisting of Donna Severino (Chair), Zachary Leader, Linda Ronan, and the authors – has heeded that call to action as we implement new approaches to our program, making it more beneficial to all members.

Short-term, we are looking at a two-pronged approach to what we can offer our members: a new one-on-one program called The Colleague Connection and a more flexible way to connect via Power Networking. These are designed to offer new opportunities for members to connect, no matter if you are a student, just starting your career, or a veteran in the field. There is always room to learn from your colleagues and we hope to provide the structure and support to make it happen. Our long-term goals include creating an online space for connecting with members and a robust student program based on internships at local companies and institutions.

Program Launch: The Colleague Connection Continue reading


SLA NY Power Networking

By Esther Marie Jackson


I’m already gearing up for the SLA NY Power Networking event on May 7th, and in the spirit of that event, here are some quick-fire reasons why I’m attending.

  1. I’m new to NYC, and I want to meet other librarians
  2. I’m new to NYC, and I want to meet other New Yorkers (Can I call myself that if I’ve only been here three months?)
  3. I’m a new library professional, and I’d like to meet both seasoned pros, and library students
  4. I like small talk
  5. I like networking
  6. I like appetizers

I also like that this event, although clearly professional in nature, seems like it will be a lot of fun.  What better way to avoid awkwardly standing in a corner at an event than to be forced (encouraged?) to chat with a wide range of people in a short amount of time?

I hope to meet you there!


The Power of Networking… at Any Speed

by Elizabeth Willse

Join the networking fun at SLA NY’s Power Networking Event on Thursday May 7, 2015.

I am a big fan of networking events. I like rooms full of people and conversation, generally. I love the potential energy of walking into a room of strangers, acquaintances, and friends. I love getting the chance to say hi, rekindle past conversations, and start learning about new people.  And networking events are especially fun because they’re built on the principle of connecting people with other people, opportunities, and information.

Continue reading


Beware the Sides of March

March 2015 Downtown LuncheonInformation professionals, students, and business partners enjoyed today’s SLA NY Chapter Downtown Luncheon at The Open Door Gastropub. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Save the date for the Midtown Luncheon coming up on April 10th!


Student Swing

Text by Marcy Winkler, Photos by Phil Cunningham

Panelists at Student Swing on January 24, 2015

Panelists at Student Swing on January 24, 2015

Today SLA NY welcomed students from Library and Information programs across the metropolitan area to Student Swing. Attendees braved the snow and rain to attend a discussion featuring a panel of recent graduates, enjoy coffee and bagel refreshments, and take a tour of the Davis Library at St. John’s University Manhattan Campus. Continue reading