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The Colleague Connection Committee Takes a New Approach

By Emily Drew and Eric Dillalogue


SLA NY’s Chapter President Marcy Winkler wrote in the previous issue of B2E that one of her goals for this year “is to create an environment where all SLA NY members are open to learning from each other.” The SLA NY Colleague Connection Committee (formerly The Mentorship Committee) – consisting of Donna Severino (Chair), Zachary Leader, Linda Ronan, and the authors – has heeded that call to action as we implement new approaches to our program, making it more beneficial to all members.

Short-term, we are looking at a two-pronged approach to what we can offer our members: a new one-on-one program called The Colleague Connection and a more flexible way to connect via Power Networking. These are designed to offer new opportunities for members to connect, no matter if you are a student, just starting your career, or a veteran in the field. There is always room to learn from your colleagues and we hope to provide the structure and support to make it happen. Our long-term goals include creating an online space for connecting with members and a robust student program based on internships at local companies and institutions.

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The Power of Networking… at Any Speed

by Elizabeth Willse

Join the networking fun at SLA NY’s Power Networking Event on Thursday May 7, 2015.

I am a big fan of networking events. I like rooms full of people and conversation, generally. I love the potential energy of walking into a room of strangers, acquaintances, and friends. I love getting the chance to say hi, rekindle past conversations, and start learning about new people.  And networking events are especially fun because they’re built on the principle of connecting people with other people, opportunities, and information.

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