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Bridge to Excellence (B2E) is SLA New York’s magazine. For each issue, contributors are asked to write an article about how the theme relates to them. Below are the themes and a short description of each article.



Issue 8: President’s Theme

In this issue, we reveal the theme for 2016, chosen by SLA New York’s new president, Emma Davidson. Her theme for the year is the theme for this issue of B2E.


President’s New Theme is …

Emma Davidson is our new president! In this article, she describes her theme for 2016, how it effects her, and how it effects SLA New York.


Reaching Out: Tools for Student Chapters’ Distance-Learning Members

Our monthly column, “Words from Outside SLA New York,” features an SLA member from another part of the country or world.

Molly Kuramoto describes how the Kentucky chapter of SLA engages students who live far away from where they learn.

Stay tuned for more articles for Issue 8

Issue 7: Transitions

In this issue we encounter individuals, organizations, and professions in transition as they face the challenges and opportunities that accompany all change.

Transitioning from One Library Into Another

Davis Erin Anderson and Raymond Pun chat about how they both decided work on editing an upcoming volume tentatively entitled Career Transitions for Librarians: Getting A Job in Another Library. (It is to be published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2016.) Thanks, Davis and Raymond, for inspiring the theme of this issue of B2E!

Social Media in Libraries: An Interview with the Social Media Managers at the Morgan Library and Museum

Stella Sigal interviews Morgan Library and Museum social media managers Moriah Shtull and Michelle Perlin about how this classic institution has bridged the transition into a new era for library outreach by connecting with people around the world via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

A Whirlwind of Transitions

Elizabeth Willse takes us through a year of career and personal transitions as she networks her way from library student to academic librarian and author of Using Tablets and Apps in Libraries.

Transitioning Technology in Today’s Medical Library

Rina Krautwirth, a 2014 Ellis Mount Scholarship winner, shares her experiences learning about medical libraries’ transition into the world of new technology during her thesis project at Queens College.

Words from Outside New York: A History of the Pittsburgh Chapter

Finally, we are introducing what will be a regular column, “Words from Outside SLA New York,” featuring an SLA member from another part of the country or world.

This issue, Carrie Wardzinski from SLA Pittsburgh takes us on a historical journey through her chapter’s long history of succeeding despite economic downturns, changes in technology, and even war. She discusses how we can all learn and take inspiration from that history during our current transition as an organization and profession.



Issue 6: The Conference

Welcome to the conference issue of Bridge to Excellence (B2E), in honor of SLA New York’s annual conference. Prepare to join our contributors as they discover the vitality of the conference experience at the regional, national, and international level.

A First-Timer at SLA Annual Conference: An Academic Librarian’s Perpective

Raymond Pun takes us through his journey from Shanghai to Boston to receive an award and present a poster at the Special Libraries Association annual conference (SLA Boston), his first as a special librarian coming from a public library background.

SLA Boston from Afar

Madalyn Baron shares her experience as a past in-person attendee enjoying the conference remotely for the first time and provides tips for you to do the same.

How Strong Local Chapters Benefit Individuals, the Chapters, and the entire organization

Sheryl Ramer brings us in to the close-knit and supportive worlds of local chapters as they come together in Boston.

How to Organize a Conference.

Daniel Barron interviews Sarah DavisVida Cohen, and Rebecca Hahn on their experience organizing SLA New York’s Conference and Expo, coming up on September 25th at Baruch College in New York City.

Spotlight on #SLANewYork Conference Expo Keynote Speaker Zena Applebaum

Enjoy a sneak peek at Zena Applebaum’s SLA NY Conference and Expo keynote on competitive intelligence for information professionals.

Exploring Arts, Archives, and Special Libraries at SLA Boston2015

Megan De Armond explores user experience from a background of arts and archives.

SLA Boston 2015: Lessons and Observations from a First-Time Attendee

Coral Salomón discovers digital tools to enhance user engagement with information.