Spotlight on SLA NY 2015 Conference & Expo Keynote Speaker Zena Applebaum

SLA NY Conference & Expo

SLA New York is pleased to have Zena Applebaum as keynote speaker for the 2015 Conference & Expo. Her keynote will arm us with new tools and perspectives on “Using Competitive Intelligence to Transform the Role of Information Professionals”. As the Director of Competitive Intelligence at Bennett Jones LLP in Toronto and a much sought writer and speaker on the topic, Zena brings a unique perspective to intelligence and market dynamics as a result of her experience in business development, data management, marketing, and corporate research.

Zena will provide attendees with a view of how Competitive Intelligence can be used by a wide variety of organizations from financial services to legal, advertising to foundations, media to medical, and beyond — in fact, into all the areas represented in the NY SLA membership. According to Zena, CI is a set of hard and soft skills that can transform the role of the Information Professional into that of a trusted and respected leader – keeping organizations a step ahead of their competition. This session will provide a theoretical and strategic framework along with a series of concrete, tactical examples for turning information into intelligence to be future ready and decision savvy.

Key takeaways for information professionals at all career stages will include an understanding of how to:

  • Use collaboration to achieve client success – How do you currently provide services? How do you combine primary and secondary research as well what the organization already knows?  Understand how intelligence and the Info Pro can (and should!) be the collaborative center of the organization.
  • Select the right tools for intelligence analysis – be they paid or free, Zena will show us sources that save time, money and ultimately deliver value.
  • Package and distribute knowledge and intelligence – including how to use corporate newsletters as a gateway to intelligence success when coupled with a dashboard system.

Zena Applebaum is the Director of Competitive at Bennett Jones LLP, a leading International law firm based in Canada. Zena’s primary responsibilities include practice development, market and competitor performance analysis, client relationship management, counter-intelligence and marketing. Zena brings a unique perspective to intelligence and market dynamics as a result of broad business development, data management, marketing, and corporate research experience in a variety of sectors. Zena has a joint academic and applied Master of Arts degree in Communication and Culture from York and Ryerson Universities. A regular speaker and writer on competitive intelligence topics in Canada and abroad, Zena authored “Business Intelligence for Law Firms” published in November 2012, by The Ark Group. Zena currently serves as Chair of the Special Library Association Competitive Intelligence Division Board of Directors and is a former member of the SCIP Board of Directors.


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