Letter from the Editors

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the conference issue of Bridge to Excellence (B2E). Prepare to join our contributors as they discover the vitality of the conference experience at the regional, national, and international level.

Raymond Pun takes us through his journey from Shanghai to Boston to receive an award and present a poster at the Special Libraries Association annual conference (SLA Boston), his first as a special librarian coming from a public library background.

Madalyn Baron shares her experience as a past in-person attendee enjoying the conference remotely for the first time and provides tips for you to do the same.

Sheryl Ramer Gesoff brings us in to the close-knit and supportive worlds of local chapters as they come together in Boston.

Daniel Barron interviews Sarah Davis, Vida Cohen, and Rebecca Hahn on their experience organizing SLA New York’s Conference and Expo, coming up on September 25th at Baruch College in New York City.

Enjoy a sneak peek at Zena Applebaum’s SLA NY Conference and Expo keynote on competitive intelligence for information professionals.

This year the SLA New York Chapter provided scholarships to several Pratt University graduate students to help fund their attendance at SLA Boston. Bridge to Excellence is proud to present reflections from two of these students on their experience attending conference for the first time:

Megan De Armond explores user experience from a background of arts and archives.

Coral Salomón discovers digital tools to enhance user engagement with information.

We hope that you enjoy this virtual tour of the conference experience and come away inspired with ideas for your next visit, whether you connect in person or remotely. Don’t forget SLA New York’s Conference and Expo; this intensive day of professional development is quickly approaching!

Are you interested in writing for B2E? The theme of our next issue will be Transitions. Possible topics include, but are in no way limited to:

  • A time you recognized that you needed to transition.
  • How you adjusted to a transition or helped others through.
  • Choosing a transition versus having one happen to you.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting involved! The deadline for proposals is Monday September 21.


Daniel Barron
Sheryl Ramer Gesoff
Helen Sobolik

The SLA NY B2E Editorial Board