2014 Conference/Expo Preview: INALJ and You

By Elizabeth Willse

This is one of three articles previewing SLA NY’s September 18th Conference and Expo at Baruch’s Vertical Campus. The other two can be found here and here. More information about the event, including how to register, can be found hereFollow @SLANewYork and #SLANY for news and updates!

What social media tools are the most effective in a job search? How can library job seekers use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr to make important networking connections and cultivate a savvy online presence to move their job search forward? How can social media tools help librarians with professional development and industry research? LIS job seekers from recent graduates to seasoned LIS professionals are undoubtedly asking the same questions.

Social media has played an increasingly important role in the recruiting and hiring process as well as prospective employees’ job searches. According to a 2013 CareerBuilder.com survey, nearly 39% of employers use social networking sites to research prospective employees. This means that social media plays an integral role in professional reputation management, and that accurately presenting knowledge, skills and professional development online are essential parts of a job search.

All of this will be addressed in a panel discussion at the SLA NY Conference and Expo on September18, 2014, Kate Kosturski, Allie Janvey, and Claire Schmieder of the website INALJ (I Need a Library Job) will be discussing strategies for using social media effectively for networking and research as part of a job search. The panel will be moderated by Cheryl Yanek, Director of the Information Center at Catalyst.

INALJ was founded in 2010 by Naomi House then enrolled in the Masters program for Library and Information Science at Rutgers. It has grown to a job listing website maintained and updated by a team of over 160 volunteers. Job listings posted on the website, Twitter and Facebook pages cover all 50 states and Canada as well as international job opportunities. More than 1,500 people have found jobs through INALJ.

Kate Kosturski, Volunteer Coordinator and Head Editor for the New York State, New York City, and Rhode Island INALJ pages, is also Institutional Participation Coordinator for JSTOR in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. Allie Janvey served as the head editor for INALJ Iowa from 2013-2014 and currently works as a library assistant at LIU Post. Claire Schmieder is the head editor for INALJ New Jersey and is a Program Associate at the Alice Paul Institute. Previously, Schmieder served as the articles editor for the site.